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Modeling is one of the most coveted careers, by women and men, it can really be said that from the beginning of photography expressing the beauty of a human being is a magical and artistic action, reality today is that Fashion Modeling It is one of the most productive areas of photography, it requires not only beauty, but also dedication and responsibility, I have always said that if the photographer and the model achieve a good synchronization this fusion would give life to something called art.

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Event photography

Commercial photography, or photography of events, has always been for me one of the biggest challenges, due to the level of precision that is needed to take this to a point where it is professional and artistic, I love photography in all its aspects , the reality is that I have always enjoyed doing my job, sometimes at events I can meet people from all walks of life, and I like to express my talent to large crowds. clearly the photography of events, covers a great level, from photos for party, weddings, baptisms, public acts, concerts and more .. therefore demands the maximum potential of work, due to logical reasons, you are not working in an environment controlled by You, depends on the light that exists in the area, and above all depends a lot on the ability to control your camera ..

Babies  photography

The photography of babies, is for me one of the most fun, working with children aged 0 to 8 is always a real challenge, starting from the basic concept, children are never calm, logically the challenge is always in getting the photo right at the right moment, really as a photographer I always loved it because at the end of a photo shoot of children, always and I always affirm the results are magical, the beauty and tenderness expressed by a child will always be the best and the most beautiful of all . I love photography but I love seeing the results on the smiling faces of the parents and relatives of these beautiful little angels.

family photography

the family portrait is always one of those that require more creativity, due to the logical combination that there should be between the background, the people and how they dress, mostly I seek to make this type of photos in exteriors, because in that way the stress these families, it is almost always easier than before the photographic sessions there is a small meeting between the client and me, because this way I can know what they want, what they are looking for and above all what would make them feel comfortable , family photography is unquestionably beautiful, because in this type of family, families tend to find, and the energy that emerges from these people is impeded in the photos. I think sometimes it can be very good to take pictures with the family more often, I think it's a fun activity and there's nothing better than keeping a bit of the past in a memory for the future.

Studio photography

I almost always recommend to my models, to separate their personal problems from their careers, it is very easy to transmit our setiemientos in a capture, I particularly like the photography in studios, because it is a way to float in this universe, logically it requires a good atmosphere musical, I always say in a repetitive way that nothing is more beautiful or unique, than the dance that makes a good song, the photographer and the model. it is a synchronicity, as I said in the previous note, an artistic photo becomes visible at the moment in which the photographer and the model connect in parallel.

Art photography

For me, all the photos are art, well some are just photos, my points are the same ones I use for music, if there is a meaning behind that then that photo can be art, sometimes because of the ease with which someone can now have a camera people confuse the shoot a photo and use filters returns this art, reality is far from this, the arts is to express a message through a simple medium, there are hundreds of famous photos for its maximum message, the ironic all this is that many of those photos were taken with cameras of very low quality, one of my teachers used to say, the camera does not make the photographer, the eye does the photographer ... it takes a special ability to see a good photo in the place that others would not see anything. For me, artistic photography is not just photos, it's life for me.

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