Hi, I am a Heronidas.

My name is Robert Abreu, I am 34 years old and I was born in Venezuela, specifically in the state of Zulia Maracaibo, I come from a humble and hardworking family, I am apacionado with everything I do, I always keep the lines very clear within the professional and above all, love what I do, currently my greatest passion is photography, I have been disdainful for it for 6 years, more specifically since 2011 I have added to my graphic design career, photography started naturally in my life, then in 2013 I take it much more professional and take this to its maximum level, today I have 1 international exhibition and the support of different photographic communities.

I can only say about myself, that I am someone honest, sincere and fun, especially that I am a photographer shot by my work.

my education

Title as professional photographer in the Colombian national university, several specializations and courses in different communities and start.

for example:

Colombian National University, America Business Group, Hunerco Educational Business Institute, Video2Brian, I currently attend Daytona State college.

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“Eheu fugaces labuntur anni. Quam bene vivas refert non quam diu.”